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Dear Sam

I have sent my letter to the post office, or else I would
have added a postscript to it. I must then write you a few
words more by way of brotherly advice, for I cannot but be
exceedingly uneasy on your account, when I reflect upon
the boldness of your enterprise. besides one good turn deserves
another. you have very hardly express'd your concern, and
the apprehension you are in for fear I shou'd fall from
my horse; I cannot in return do less than tell you that I tremble
for fear you shou'd fall from you boat, or your boat shou'd
fall along with you God knows where.

It is not uncommon for some people to dram when they are
awake. I am not yet gone to bed, but it is past 11 o'clock, which
you know is my usual bed time, what influence that can have
upon me I don't know, but I know very well, that I see some
times the boat with my dear brother in her, now upon the very
tip top of a wave mountain-high, now, to the very bottom of
an abyss deeper than a coal mine. I see nothing else but
Scilla on one side, and Charybdis on the other, or as Jack Tar
wou'd express himself, I see nothing but Godwin's Sands and
Scilly Rocks. ah Sam take care what you are about, don't
spread all your canvass, chi va piano, va sano, you are a
bold enterprising young man, remember the fate of Icarus,
he made a trial of his Skill in the air, you are going to venture
upon an element as dangerous_____but my good Genius____
inspires me with a lucky thought, damn your Cork Jacketts
I have hit upon something that will prevent the boat from

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