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Mr Giffard's case was put into Mr Clarke's hands within a vey few days
after you put it into mine. About a week ago I asked him whether
he had looked it over, telling him you pressed for an answer. He told me
he had not, but that then, term being over, he should have leisure, and
would peruse it forthwith.

["Indepted"] No man would spell "indebted" with a [p] whose thoughts
were not a wool-gathering at Deptford. I wish you may know as little
of the thing as it seems you do of the name.

An "Immediate" Letter? hang it, I must find out the meaning, before I can tell
you how to express it. Do you mean speedy? in point of time, or full &
particular (as then of account in Law) in point of matter? containing
an answer to every quere, an intimation of compliance or denial to
every request? or were you hankering after a single word, that should
express the meaning of full and particular both in one? There may be such
a word for aught I can be certain to the contrary, but I possess it not.
"If you was of the common species of Lawyers" - If you were of the
common species of Grammarians you would not have said so. My dear Sam
forgive the freedom of my censures: "I correct thee not as in anger", nor
as in spleen: but as in pleasantry. "Redentem dicere verum | Quid vetat? for thou art not to be as Blackstone is. I
"Lord Chesterfeild" used to spell put the [i] before the [e] in spelling
the last syllable of his name. Twas a whim he had, and which other people
have given into before as well as since. But if you have a mind to
put the Cart before the Horse or the Rudder before the Bowsprit, don't
let them be your hindrance. Say 'I am a freeborn Englishman and
who's afraid?

"Your Omers and Blueturks and Novids and stuff
"By God" (says a Military Gallant and a Jeu d'Espirit of
"By God, they're not worth this pinch of snuff."

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