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Bravo, Bravo, Signor Cambalista — corraggio — che duce? il minuetto
dell' Aurelli intiero, col Basso

Come sta il Signore Burchetti? non ha parlato di lui ' this good

"Graces pricked in red" — Yes, a good idea.

Harris's Hermes — I doubt thou ll will bewilder thyself in that book, as
I did a long time: and that that "interpreter" as it calls itself ( for
is an interpreter) will not be much of an interpreter to thee. The last book is Nonsense
upon stilts. Indeed that's no disparagement to the post; for it has
no connection with them. In them there is some matter: but it is drench
in a multitude of words. There is some spirit, ( I speak as a Chymist
to a Chymist How goes on Chymistry?) but it is drowned in a redundancy
of phlegm. Part of it is a labyrinth. — I wandered in it a good while
Take this clue The whole business of it is to explain the relations, the
differences and resemblences of the several "parts" (as they are called) of species
Several of them being simple in the expression, he takes for granted they
are so in the idea. But several of them are not so. Take this Example.
As a Preposition is one of those parts of speech - Good - An
Adverb is given for another part of speech, one part of speech, and
a distinct one from (amongst others) a preposition . But with all Adverbs certainly it is
not so — Let me see — is it with any of them? I cannot determine that
now. But with some I am sure it is not. Among the different divisions
of them he reckons, that of "Adverbs of Place" is one "of Time"
another. ["Here"] is an Adverb of Place. What is ["Here"] [1.] In : [2] [the]
[3] -place. ["In"] a preposition. ["this"] a pronomical adjective. ["place"] a
Substantive. I have got a rough Tree that I drew for Mr Clark. It wants

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