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may be considerable, if the application is frequently
repeated: at any rate it is indefinite. In
this new one the is a given small quantity is may be small
and that a given one.

In using Nitrous Air as a list of the comparative
purity of the different Air the Common Atmosphere in different
places, it is of importance to be certain of its
being utterly free from all previous admixture with Common
Air, before a If two parcels of
Nitrous Air that are applied to two parcels
of Common Air be unequally pure, the result
of the application may be fallacious. The two
parcels of Common Air for example [+] [+] notwithstanding they are unequal in purity, may appear [+] equally
diminished. unequall in purity Because
a greater part of the parcel of Nitrous Air applied to
one of them had been already decomposed ( and thereby
rendered incapable of diminishing contributing to the diminution ) for the
than of that parcel which was applied
to the other.

This last advantage of my method is attainable
in a much superior degree, by one which I will
now mention: on the but which on the other hand
is destitute of this the advantage I mentioned
first. It was suggested to me t'other day by
Dr Geo: Fordyce to whose excellent instructions I <add> owe
indebted for what little I know understand know of Chymistry.

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