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I have been as endeavoured to be short as I could: thinking it my making it a
duty to be frugal of a time so pretious as Dr
Priestley's is to the public

I call it an Athanor: the use of it being analogous to that
of the furnace of that name

I must leave it to your judgment and penetration
to let down as gently as possible the
amour propre of a worthy well meaning & ingeneous man.

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A factitious Nomenclature when not too far fetched
is of considerable use in the Sciences for the double purposes
of Brevity and Precision. Of Brevity
obviously as it by substituting a word or two in
the room place of a whole sentence. Of Precision,
by cutting off verbal varieties in the description
of the same thing. These varieties, will
be apt to make cause a diversity to be apprehended
where none is meant. especially to by persons to
whom the subject in hand is new.

[+] [+] By Generical appellations
by drawing the objects
of its the minds attention to a
point, simplify the
course it takes in surveying
this, and what
they elucidate to strengthen
its conceptions. I need not
cite instances to prove to you
that the greatest improvements
in science are reducible
to, at least are
announced and recorded
by operations of

The terms applic Mixing phial, Athanor, Tube of
Communication I have already explained.

To keep insulated a portion of matter in the state
of vapour, and cut off its communication
prevent it from mixing with the external common atmosphere, a fluid
body water was first applied, I believe, by Dr Hales [+]
[+] He took the hint perhaps
from the Barometer

Water A fluid body was made by that means to answer the
same purpose with regard to vapour, as a

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