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and go from his House the last Day we were at Versailles, wch occasion'd
us to lye two nights from our appartment, & the next Morning
we had an Account brought us, that poor Nurse, whom we had
left well, had died suddenly wch affected us greatly as she was
a truly valuable woman in her Station, & whose assistance had
made our Journey very comfortable, for being a good Cook
we were enabled to keep House any much to our satisfaction.
but being deprived of her we cou'd not think of continuing any
longer at St Germaine, & therefore determined to remove hither
and to take an appartment at some public Hotel in Paris, where
we might be supplied from a Traiteur or Cook's Shop, as is very
common here — accordingly we went to St Germaine to order the good
woman's Burial & to fetch away our things, but on our return
to our Friend's here, with an Intent to look out for an appartment
He & his Family would not suffer us to do it & used so much
kind Importunity for us to continue with them, that we cud
not resist so great a Temptation, by means of wch we are settled
at Paris probably for the whole time of our Stay, in a very
agreable Family, in one of the best Houses that any of the
Nobility have here & which for magnificence exceeds any
in London & Westminster; here we have been upon the foot of
Guests above a fortnight, & my Friend & his family being just
gone to a Country House he has about twelve miles off, we
they wod have had us gone with them, but we chosing
to stay here, they have left us here in possession of their House
with the use of every Convenience — and they have promised
to fetch us to pass some Days with them in the Country —
so that under the Circumstances of our loss, nothing cou'd
happen more fortunately for us, as we have the opportunity
of making ourselves acquainted with Paris, in the most
agreable manner. we have frequent opportunities of hearing from
our young Folkes at Caen, by the Post, & by their Accounts they are
much pleas'd with their Situation, I have promised 'em they shall
make Paris in their way to England, & to give 'em two or three Days
here to see it, that if it shall please God, we may return home together —
I have an opportunity of reading the English Papers twice a week; but
they afford us no pleasure from the Gloomy Prospect of America —
I have wrote twice, to my Son Jeremy, but have heard nothing
from him nor of him since I left England, not do I find he has ,
as yet, wrote to his Brother Saml; if I have the pleasure of hearing
from you, I must recommend it to you to pay Postage of your Letter
to London, in case you do not write from otherwise the Letters
are not sent from London to Paris — the Postage to Paris From London is
paid here on the Receipt of the Letter, but no other Postage.

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