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centrical end of the pully, by the pressure of the external atmosphere.
In the mean time the opposite pully has got
to the where the slit in the axle-tree begins; and so the wheel
goes round, two of the pistons out of the four being constantly
at work. ascending. How the refrigerating water is let in
I know not. I suppose in the same manner as
in the common engine, whatever that is. Dr Nooth
the inventor, who was a pupil of Fordyce's, has one a
making, which is to be set up somewhere in or about London.

There, my dear Sam, I have done what I could
for you, and now must bid you good night. I was
prevented by an accident sending the letter that I had
written to my father for last post: and now I must
say something more. Don't wonder if some time
or other he should be the death of me. But don't
be alarmed, as I should keep myself were it only for
your sake, till your return. How happy it is for
man, that tyranny extends not beyond the grave!

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Fordyce is not particularly acquainted with Belidor's Architecture
Hydrolique: mais en general il dit, que tocit
ce qui est de Belidor est bon
: which it is a great deal
for Fordyce to say.

A friend of Fordyce's has got the Commission for victualling
the forces at Boston. He sends amongst other things Sauer
: Cabbages which are made to undergo to a
certain degree the acetous fermentation: a great dish
in Germany. They are stowd in 1/2 Ton Casks. As this
fermentation will continue while they are on ship board, Fordyce
has contrived a method to give vent to the vapour
that will be discharged. In the middle of each Bung, which
is of cork he introduces a flat circular Cross valve which
opens by the force of the vapour and shuts itself again by
a spring. Each Bung thus prepared costs half a

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A Mons

Monsr. Bentham le fils
cher Monsr V
Monsr. I Hardi
Rue St. Jean

De present chez a Mr. —
Srattle Gentilhomme Anglais
Place Royale au Coin des

Ce Paris


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