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places, as he does in ordinary at Mr Davies: and his
journey home by Diligences and the Sea together might
be render'd not much more expensive I should hope than
his returning with you would be.

Shall I make my answer, Sir to the latter part
of your letter? Prudence whispers, no. Could I but
swallow my affliction, sunshine might possibly succeed
this last storm, as it did the first. Shall I ? —
Yes I must speak; Prudence will not always be
listen'd to by an ulcer'd mind. No. I will forbear:
since I will take another chance; since
my congratulations on the happiness of your
situation, and (God knows they were sincere!) and
my filial wishes have been so unfortunate.
let me tel acquaint you then, Sir, that I have not the
least thought of present marriage: not the
least thought of marriage at all without a
full assurance, of what in my own judgment
shall be a comfortable subsistence. Whether
my own judgment and yours may agree upon
what is a comfortable subsistence, I know
not: if not I see no help for it. Let me
assure you of this also, that in point
of appetite, I am as cool as
any would wish to be: but which does
not in the least alter however my way of thinking.
I am Sir, and will be as long as you will permitt me
to be

Your dutiful and truly affectionate
Jere:y Bentham.

---page break---

As to purchases, it is not my wish to give you
any further trouble than by what I have mentioned
already to Sam. Unless it be for a pair of lace ruffles
if my mother thinks it will answer. I have not
any such thing as a pair of what can be properly
called lace-ruffles. But this as well
as the wastecoat mentioned to Sam I beg leave
to commit to his and your discretion. French
books I want none. My sincere and affectionate
respects attend her.

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