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it to be, neither he nor I should get any thing by pursuing it: and if
it is, I take it a man must have been used to see the inside of my gizzard
for some years before he would be able to finish as well as I
should a thread that I had begun to spin out of it.


Schwede is intimate with Ingenhaus, a Physician of Vienna,
a man of eminence, Physician to the Emperor. Schwede
and Ingenhaus came over to England together—Ingenhaus is
intimate with Franklin, and is now with him in Paris. Ingenhaus
tells Schwede that Franklin has Helvetius constantly on
his table. Here you see is a ladder by which my Code, and upon
occasion either your pretty person or mine might be hoisted up
to Franklin. Code might do for America when settled.

Schwede is to get me from Vienna the Criminal Code in
force in Austria's Empress's territories Dominions: a book I have heard much
talk of.

What you say about recommendations I had foreseen—
however you did write right to mention it, because I might not
foreseen it, and because I sometimes do things rather against my
[own] judgment, thinking you respect them.

? you have had your spotter green by th[at]
time: that will do for a change for some little time
is in it. Here are such abundance of pretty wastecoats
for wastecoats here that I don't much like the thoughts
going hand over head and getting one there—consid[ering]
will be here the 4th or 5th—Have you a good Tay[lor?]
If you have he will make much cheaper than
[sup]pose— I could send you down cloth like mine .

Now will you come to town, I wonder, to
As soon as ever I hear any thing that can contribute to
you, you may be sure I shall let you know.

It is not impossible but I may send you my last wastecoat
to cut a dash with once or twice—if I do it will be by
the Diligence or Thursday if none goes tomorrow which will reach Plymouth as soon as this
letter. It is rather summerish so can be worn but once or
twice—You shall certainly have my last winter one there or
at Portsmouth. I have two remaining directed to Lloyd—what shall I do with them?

Lind is to give Schwede a dinner one of these days—perhaps
I may have the honour of partaking of it. Schwede hesitates
about going to Q.S.P but we shall talk more about it tomorrow
or Thursday.

The plot thickens—The dramatis personae personages of our history seem to all be getting
together, like the dramatis personae at the end of the play.

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