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to I.B. alone

Take care that you dont become too liè with the
person you who was recommended to you by the letter from
Sheerness. Let his abilities or disposition be what they
will by no means put him in your our confidence.
It might hurt me very much. Get information from
him for curiosity sake, and shew off if you please
but dont think it necessary to spend much time or thought
about either. I have better means of informing myself about
everything I wish to know and with less trouble.

I know nothing of this man's character yet but I should
wish to say the same to you with respect to any body
else whatever.

Dont you plague yourself about considering nor presume
to point out to me the means of introducing Code.

You a poor stupid grovelling wretch who has scarcely
been out of the smoak of his own chimney
pretend to dictate to me who have seen the
great bell of Moscow, rest assured that it will be
introduced in the manner most proper for a matter of that
kind as soon as ever your honour will be pleased to
send it me. But alas it must be translated.

English after all is not understood, why into German?
why not French? The latter is the language more relished
here as well as elsewhere, though I suppose the
former language would admitt of the translation being closer.
It Are you provided with a Translator now Raspe fails
you? Evelyn at Hamburg I believe could do it exceedingly
well if he has time. If you write to Hamburg
about it He could tell you what books Ev: has already
translated, and settle the price &c with him, and
I dare to say would do it with pleasure as he was so exceedingly
pleased with the Fragment. Lindegren would also write to him
about it.

Or you might send it here beginning immediately
to send 3 or 4 sheets at a time closely
written by means of Sneyd or in the first ships

I could here get it translated printed & the press carefully corrected.
either into french or german. but this is an idea which
strikes me only at this moment I must meet consult
my friend make inquiries, and think more of it by the
next post. Above all things do make what haste you
can to finish it. I hope you & Wilson are employed
of evenings to examine such parts as are finished
and that you submit at leas to hear & examine at least
all his criticisms. Yes I think you told me Douglas was
also of this party. All the better. I have acquired vanity
enough to wish most earnestly anxiously that I was of the
party also.

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