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already called on me, not only to leave his card but had taken some
pains to see me, we soon, in this situation, enter'd into conversation.
I, as you may imagine, presently got him to the Marine & was
as particular as I cou'd be in my Enquiries about Acton. He
says the King has given him an unlimited power with respect
to expence, appointment, & discharge of Officers &c &c in the
establishment of a Marine, and He confirms in general the account
which Poli gave us. He knows Poli & saw Acton, with whom
he is also acquainted, the day before he set out from Naples.
He has heard Acton himself recount his success against the
Algerines when He had the Command of the Duke of Tuscany's
Frigate and this account agrees also with Poli's. I will go
and call on him in a Day or two & get some further Information
from him.

The Swedes are fitting out a Fleet of thirteen Ships of the Line
and Six Frigates. Here they are fitting out a Fleet of fifteen
of the Line and Six Frigates. I shall be able to tell you more
about them in another week as I shall go to Croustad to
see them. They will, some of them at least, go out of Dock at
that time. It is the Ice which prevents their going out now
and they are applying hot water, and red hot Balls to thaw
the Ice from the Dock Gates. This Geruichef tells me.

The Empress sets out the 10th or 12th of May, and returns the 24th
June O.S. She goes to Visit her new Polish Provinces and the
Emperor is to meet her at Mageloff but not the King of Poland
as is reported.

April 24. All the World and I amongst the Rest are invited to
a Bal Masque at the Dutchess of Kingston. I don't know whether I
shall go or not. I declin'd an Invitation She gave me to dinner
sometime ago, by Sir James's advice, on account of her having told
Mr Forster, that as I was an Architect She could not introduce
me into Company. I thank my Stars that Sir James &c are
not of her persuasion.

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