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Dr Kruse to whom I lent the book which Mr Sharpe
gave me containing a description of his Mechanical
Engines wishes very much to know the price of the underwritten
articles, & means if he does not find the sums too great
to send for the articles machines themselves this Summer. With this
view he would be glad to know if these machines are
Mr Sharp keeps these Machines in his manufactory ready
made for sale & if not how soon they could be got ready.

2 Chaff Cutters with double knives
1 Drill plough for single dropping
1 Horse Hoe
1 Kentish Plough
1 Jointed horse rake
1 Winnowing Machine
1 Hand mill for beans barley &c. Malt bruiser.
1 Quernstone Mill with bolting annexed
1 Wheel barrow for manuring with Lime
2 Turnip Slicers
1 Four wheel'd rolling Waggon
Single shafted Cart
double Shafted Cart.

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following is a List of Seeds of which Dr Kruse
know the prices, with a view of sending for them
summer. The Seedman to whom you apply should
the amount of the prices, with his address
time that the seeds may be ready considering
at the same time whether this years seed would
not be better, and how they should be packed for the

1 Bushl Rye Grass 3.6
1 Peck Rib Grass — 2.6
1 Bushl Suffolk Grass — 1.6

2 Bushel Red Clover 1 6 48/- 2.8.0 /
1 Bushel St Join or Espariette —— — 16. 0
2 Bushl Winter Jaris with yellow blossoms — — 10. 0 /
1 Quarter Black Oats —— 1.4.0 /
1 Qutr Barley — — 1.4.0 /
1 Qutr Wheat — — 2.8.0 /
1 Bushl Nicots Pease — — 10. 0 /
I Bushl Horse beans — —4. 0 /
1 Peck Turnip Seeds 12 tu — — 6.0 /
2 Pound Large Scotch Cabbage — — 8.0 /

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