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1. in Advy (3 - Dict: ) 4 ) 5 Nitrate) 6 Min. Alk.
7. Lohonic. + 8. Tulu Trug. if ) </p> <head>Linc Inn. May 9th 1780 9. Naples 9 no hope No. Sim. this time.

1. Timber - preserv.y Frankl.</head> <p> Franklin's method of seasoning Ship-Timber,
communicated by him to Ingenhourz and by J. to
Saredi. Observing to cut it the proper season
( what that is he does not recollect , but
you know I dare say) he sets the pieces on
end: the lower end supported by a slanting floor.
The upper end is made the bottom as it were
of a kind of funnel which is made of a
considerable depth to hold a quantity of
a strong solution of common salt. The
weight of the column of water supported enclosed by the
funnel forces the lower stratum down through
the between the longitudinal fibres
of the wood; and thus the whole is impregnated
with the salt. What suggested the idea of this
to Franklin was, the hearing that Ships used
in the salt trade lasted remarkably longer than

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3. False Progresses continued

repairs came to be done, they are found greatly to exceed
the estimate. The Builder that he may not appear
to have been mistaken, charges to the account of
other ships as much of the work done upon this
as exceeds the estimates. The use of this contrivance
is to blind the eyes of the Commissioner altogether
and put skilful and unskilful Builders upon a
level. I do take it that in these cases perfect accuracy
is impossible. An inaccuracy that happens in
any given instance will therefore be owing either in
whole or in part to the unavoidable uncertainty of the
subject: but it may be owing in part also to a want
of care or judgment on the part of the builder. When
this is the case it might be of use perhaps that it should
be known: now this you see is effectively prevented.
Perhaps tho blame and the cause of this system of deceit
may originally have lain either in whole or in part at the
door of the Commissioners, who may have scolded Builders
sincerely upon the face of the difference between the estimate
& the Progress, without paying due attention to the
circumstances which may have rendered this difference
unavoidable unforeseeable.

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2 French & Spaniards

Cap.t Montague of the pearl Frigate related
that on his return to England with the Convoy
of Spanish Transports taken by Rodney's
Squadron, he saw a Ship which he supposed
to be an Enemy and cleared the Ship for Action.
The Cap.t had French & Spanish prisoners
on board who were put into the hold —
while they were in this State the Crew were
alarm'd with cries in the hold & upon
Inquiry into the cause they found that the
Spanish Sailors had fallen upon the French,
had actually killed four & it was supposed
would have destroy'd every Frenchman on
board if they had not been prevented.
This Clark had from Master Mountegue, Uncle
I think he is of the Captain. This is the case all
over England wherever there are French & Spanish
Prisoners. I have heard fifty accounts of it private
as well as public. Howard in an appendix
to his book ( a late publication which he has made me a present
of says that at Liverpool the Fr. & Span. Prisoners are obliged to be
kept separately for that reason.

What think you of Clark's being nominated
for Member for London & being very
likely to succeed?

3. Bergman

I have been so much hunted with my proving
work of late that I have had no time to
revise my translation of Bergman mentioned in
a former Letter. I have now got a little respite , I
shall probably get it somehow or other into the
press. If it should but be printed time enough <add> prior of such to send </add> before the time
by which I may have reason to think you will
be set out for Sweden, I may possibly send it
to Krause that he may borrow it to you: in that
case I shall send him one or two as a present
for himself & possibly one or two for any other
person (such as Guthrie) to whom I may have
reason from my intermediate letters of yours to
think it would be acceptable.

3 False Progresses

By talking with Gray, I think I am got
to the bottom of the mystery of false progresses.
It is neither more nor less than a contrivance pour
manager l'amour-propre of the Builders. Where a Ship in dock for repairs a Builder forms his estimate and delivers it in) When the

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