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Copying invention 

been writing on this, and steep it in infusion of
galls: then take the paper you want to copy &
apply them to one another : rub them hard together,
which is most commodiously done in a common
rolling-press: the galled paper will receive
a black tinge from the ink of the paper
written on. Douglas & some more of them tried
the experiment at Alice's Coffee-house in
Westm-Hall a day or two ago. All they did
was to put the two papers together in a book
and stamp upon it with their feet. It succeeded
perfectly well. I have not yet learnt
the man's name — he has got or is going to
have a patent for it: the way he avails himself
of it, it is said is by selling the rolling
presses which he does at 12 guineas.
Anderson says you may have one for 10s
that will answer the purpose. He, I think
impregnates the paper with the galls: but
Anderson says he imagines the solution of
gr- vitriol might do as well. The paper to be
copied must be applied as soon as the ink is
well dry, they say: otherwise it may be
necessary to damp it. Lind tells me it is the invention
of Bolton of Birmingham .

Anderson's News-paper

Anderson is going to set up a newspaper
here. It is to come out weekly, to contain
32 8vo pages, and to be sold for 4d.
He has completed his agreement with a
Bookseller who is to be the undertaker, &
wants nothing by a proper Printer. He
thinks he shall begin the first of July: It
will have the advantage of all the others in
point of intelligence relative to the serious &c
but I fear it will be inferior to them in point
of stile. Now, Sir, I do desire of you that you
would collect every thing that you can there
where you are and send him: everything I
mean except what might be traced up to you
and turned to your prejudice. I shall give
him for example your account of the execution
at Hamburgh. Your short account of Grassman's

---page break---

process for seasoning Ship-timbers: the paper I
now inclose to you about the number of men to a
ship with popular mob-catching remarks, &c
&c. In return I shall have gratis be supplied
with the paper gratis: and so shall you; by the
lump when the opportunity offers at any rate; and
periodically by Sneyd if I find that it can be
done without impropriety. You need not be
at the trouble I should think of composing
and writing every thing you send yourself.
You might find people I should think who
would do it for you. Forster has done such
things before now. He or Lamb. might be
made to give an account of the institution
of the Board of Agriculture.

The paper is to come out every Saturday
night, to have the benefit of the gazette: it
is calculated chiefly for the country.

Send me a Petersburgh Court-Calendar
I think there is such a thing in French. By
this means I may be able to form to myself
a sort of moral map of the country: & to refer
to it any anecdotes which you may choose
to send me. If this calendar had Ms notes
to it, so much the better.

Of the men to whom you had
letters from Ld S. there is one whose name
begins with a P. See whether you can hear
of his having any enemies — I may perhaps
say something of him in my next
You will then perceive by what
I mean.

The D's are both extremely well.
When I was there he seemed to have
nearly recover'd his former cheerfulness &
tranquillity. By her letters since, I should
imagine he had recover'd it quite: for he declares
himself quite happy: & that he is as
kind as she would wish.

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