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With respect to the means of presenting it is Practice, it may
perhaps be better to do it by means of our Minister at
Berlin than by the Russian one at London. Sr Gilbt
Elliot would send it to his brother, and I would write to
Liston the our Charge d'Affaires, who remember on any
occasion would I believe give himself some trouble to
oblige me. I have given myself a good deal to oblige
him. This we can think more of by the time it her
is ready and has been presented here.

To Sweden I should take it myself

But first of all it must come here I wish it was in
french, English the empress absolutely cannot read and
German she does not like so well as french.

---page break---

It is probably entrants from the journals of Pallas
(Dr Pallas perhaps thy call him) which compend the
work which Raspe was translating.

This Pallas is a man of the strictest veracity
of and of a most universal knowledge, at the
same time the greatest modesty so that others have
had profited by the knowledge he has communicated
more than himself.

The pursuit of knowledge &c is all mighty
well, but the turning of it to account, the
getting money in short that is a matter we
have to attend to also. Yes, be of good
cheer, we shall get money one time or
other & power too. No — this
journey of mine wont impede the intr presentation
of Code I shall be back as soon
as it can get here even in English.

But above all let me beg of you to have
so high an opinion of my judgement as
not to take any step in pushing it without
my approbation. Indeed most sincerely I am
sure I can convince you that you are not fit
to manage such matters as depend upon the dispositions
of people and how to engage this
assistance, not as yet. but at the same time
when we came to talk over all these things
together and you have had a little of your own
experience in addition to my tuition you will
than far exceed me. I am the most
extraordinary character you can conceive, & had

---page break---

I but your reading, quickness, and choice of words
I should manage people as I please. I should
gain any point. It is something to have had
the refusal of what I have refused. Perhaps
you may think me a fool for so doing.
but what signifies what you think?

de S.M. Imp. Catherine 2d &c pour
l'adminsitration de Gouvernements de l'Impire
des Russians. tu aduit d'apres l'original
a St Petersbourg 1778.
Have you this
or shall I get it 19 pages very small

---page break---

I have just been to the principal church here where
the declaration of the new mode of Government has been
read. I am promised different accounts of this matter
from those who have less else to do and are more in the
way of making enquiries about it. Illuminations Balls
& Masquerades will be the chief object of peoples attention here
for some time to come. [I wish heartily you were here
just now. You would see a great deal into people's
gizards and the proof of many problems in the art
of governing.] I understand that the laws [ they are the Same laws]
which are now about to be introduced here are the Same which
are already introduced in the other experimental provinces, but
other accounts say there is a new Code coming
out. Nobody seems to know anything of the only
matter which is of importance. It is sufficient for that
there are Hollidays and Rejoicings. ][
The great lead the way and the rest are too fond
of any kind of dissipation to trouble themselves
to enquire of about the reasons.

I should not have liked to have set out on my
little excursion before these matters are begun
but now I have what I have seen already
has given me the same lasting ideas as if
I was to attend 150 other processions.

Never shall I remember 10 Russian names or
above 20 names of any other country as long
as I live.

May 19th I set off.

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