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any right to reckon upon is spent, he gets to the
plan of his destination. Offers are made him in
point of profit not contemptible & in point of favour
equal at least to expectation. These offers are
refused: another and very hazardous project is
set on foot. Meantime he hears of a person
who is going to a very charming country, well
worth seeing: leaving then the new-project to
shift for itself, away goes he against the persuasion
of his friend (whose prejudices if he has any,
certainly do seem to lean towards the cold
side of the question) and without any other reason
than what is picked up in the course of the
expedition, to this charming country. "But he
had the advice of a friend in favour of this peregrination?
yes — but a friend who knows nothing
of his circumstances. The only one who did was strong
against it. The journey was to have lasted but
two months at farthest — It had already lasted
3 months and a week, and was then not at an
end: in the meantime the 2o project for which the
first was abandoned, left at sixes & sevens
the parties I can not help fearing disobliged. The
more incomprehensible all these proceedings appear
to be upon every other hypothesis, the stronger the proof
they afford of an absolute dependence having been placed
upon the which to my eyes
never could have shadow of possibility
upon the face of it: at least if I admitt that
it carried enough to warrant the being at the pains
of so such much letter-writing it is a great concession.
This was the light in which I viewed the matter at
first: and this is the light in which I can not help
viewing it after 3 months reflection.

Well but I must contract my stile, or I never shall
get through.

1. After 100 got from Mulf.d & 300 drops of blood from
Q.S.P., there remains after discharging the 1st letter
of credit only about £150, and of that the best part
of £100 was taken up it seems for this last journey. I
cannot speak precisely, not having papers with me

2. Q.S.P. would not have you come home by any means
which is happy.
3. He accordingly makes an effort and offers to add
£30 a year to the previous allowance: this is very well.
4. It gave him great comfort to hear of the 60 or 70£
I had, because it lessened the moment of this extravagance.

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5. Nothing more than as above will or can be done,
so that if any more money is drawn for without leave
the bills will return protested &c &c .
6. What is the end of all this scolding? neither more nor
less than to put a final stop to all these expensive projects
and expeditions: of which the benefit, make the best
of it is uncertain and the mischief certain.
7. Finding yourself accused as you will think unjustly you
will naturally be for wishing to justify yourself, but this
is what circumstances, I see plainly, will not admitt
of. Here indeed is it material. As for Q.S.P. he
will approve or disapprove according to the event: if
favourable no justification will be necessary; if unfavourable
none will be availing. As for me, I am
perfectly content to put off the decision of the cause till
we meet; and then it will be time enough to settle
whether you are to beg my pardon, or I yours.
8. The one thing needful is to fix upon engage in some plan of either
certain profit: or to fix upon some plan of retrenchment:
if the latter, I have no fresh mortification
to undergo upon that score, it being what I have
perfectly made up my mind to. The great is to
tellement quellement & not go downhill till my
experiment has been tried: which can scarcely be yet
this half year.
9. It is unfortunate that I can not tell you of any
certain ground to go upon with relation to C. even
yet: however I shall by the 6th or 7th on Novbr. this
is Oct. 29. In all this time I have not heard any
thing from Schiller; though he promised me
write as soon as he had heard from his book
I wrote to him about a week ago, but h
no answer. Somehow or other it will certainly
by him: the only question will be whether it
will be necessary for me to be at any expence about
10. As to the original mistake discovered in a cursed
chapter about the Division of off.e at a time when
CCXXXII pages were printed off and by indulgence
156 more set without being printed off. Well: it
has been necessary to rip up as far back as p.
CCVIII and by that means to sacrifice 3 sheets
of these that were printed off, besides 2 of those
that were not: 5 of the latter however are saved,
and will be employd with after some alterations. The discovery
was made the beginning of August; and
now the 29th Oct. I am but just got out of the
puzzl. However at last got out of it I am, &
there are two sheets dispatched and all the

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