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difficulties got over. Great insertions have been
It cannot consist now of so little hardly as
350 pages, besides Preface. Comfort yourself however
with the thought that it is impossible I should ever
be so hamper'd again: having given an exhaustive view
of the system of possible offences, and found myself obliged
to lay the foundation of another work by drawing
up (without insisting ) an analysis of the possible
modifications of property.) The last section (which
is finished) of the last chapter but one contains a
plan for an entire C. civil as well as penal. In
my last (by Sneyd) I Aug. 9th I sent you the Prospectus
in its corrected state.

I keep up my spirits mighty well, in hope of
an happy issue to my own affair. A multitude of
anecdotes bien arrivée which I have picked up contribute
to assure me of success.

Sr Paul you know lives at Chertsey — I have a valuable
friend in him: he is perfectly zealous in doing
every thing he can think of to oblige me, although
we have never had a tête-a-tête. I shall make
a confidant of him. He can assist me in various ways
by correcting and by pushing in other countries.

Oct. 30th 1780. Thorpe. G.W. is far advanced in a Digest of the
Laws of Bankruptcy. The D's are well and still at Brompton. J.D. has been
to Wales. E.D. junr: is ever to live at home. Alderman C. has stood for
the City and lost it: but he stands again the next vacancy

---page break---

Q.S.P. has taken it into his head to be in dudgeon about
your not writing to him on deadline: you
must therefore write to him, and that without loss of
time: you need not scruple owning that it is in
consequence of what I tell you, as it was settled before
as I reminded him that you should write only
to me.

I have advertised you once or twice already of
a box I sent you through Muir directed to Dr J
simply: I had reasons for that, too long to give
It went the latter end of July or beginning of Aug.
to Muir's. I have not had any opportunity of
learning by what ship. Then when I go to town
I met Buchat in Aug:t in the Street. He is appointed
President & has been presented. He told me without
my spelling for it that S.B. had left behind him
a great character at Danbeigh. "never had an Englishman
been seen, at once so amiable & so sensible"

Lohman. Oct. 2d I reced a letter from him dated St Lucie
July 17. "If you write to your brother" says he "tell him yr
"Miss Nancy in her last letter expressed something very cool &
"indifferent that I apprehend she intends to break the bargain
"I am very glad of it as it gives me an opportunity to
"retreat with honour". He was with Walsingham, & expects to
go on an expedition to the Spanish Main. J. Hunter was
in the same ship — they two he says are often talking of you:

---page break---

Sam.l Bentham Esq:r
Mr Shairpe's
British Consul

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