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the making or composing Masts which if it be approved of would be the means of
procuring them from thence in great abundance and at a much cheaper rate. As soon
as I can find leisure I mean to draw up a paper on the subject in which I trust
I shall be able to shew by the principles of Mechanics the advantage in point of
strength as well as oeconomy of this method over that in present practice.

Think not, Sir, that if you should be able to procure me this place but what I should still
pursue my grand object, the study of the Marine in all its branches with the same diligence
as ever. The leisure I should have would afford me opportunities and the originality of
the way which I have opened, together with the progress I have made in it, would spur me on
and give me hopes that one day or other I may be able to make my services appear acceptable
in the Naval department of my own Country and that the business of such a place
as that in question instead of excentricating me from my pursuits may be conducive to the
qualifying me for the oeconomical part.

I hope yet to be able to turn to some good account the offers which have been made
me here and which I told you of my having refused. But in this be assured I shall do
nothing without the consent or rather advice of my very good friend Sir James Harris.

I have taken a Master for the Russian language, chiefly with a view of being able to
translate some papers relating to this and a southern neighbouring country accompanied with drawings furnished me
by the only person in whose power it was to furnish them and which I dare not trust to a third
person to have them translated.

The Royal Visitor set off from hence yesterday. He has received the greatest attention here
from the apparent successor and his lady of which he seemed exceedingly sensible; you may
guess the rest. I have had the honour of being his company 2 or 3 times. He has
supt at each of the principal foreign ministers. I had the further honour about a week
ago of supping at the grand emyer's when the Empress as well as he made a part of
the company. This house of the grand Emyer is now almost the only one which I frequent go to
though Sir James by his introduction procured me invitations to them all the principal ones.

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