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Utensils of a Man of learning without sense or application enough
to profit by them. I told him I wo'd go tomorrow to read some
Articles of his Encyclopedia. notwithstanding however this double
attraction I dont go to the House above once or twice a week if
so often. Since my return here I have had so much to do at home
that I go scarcely any where except to dinner three or four
times a week at Sir James's. This aforesaid Book holding Man
has promised some Models of the winter as well as Summer —
travelling Vehicles of this Country upon a wish I expressed of
procuring them, but I must not trust to any such promise
I meant to send them with a Model of a Russian Peasants House
to England for Lord Shelburne. I would at the same time send a Copy
of a manuscript of Dr Pallas's Philosophical & Geographical Observations
on this Country in the travels he was sent upon by the Crown, and
anything else curious which I can pick up. I hope to get these
things ready before the last Ships go away. The advantage w ch I
dare to say if it was to me my having Letters of recommendation
from his Lordship notwithstanding I was so unfortunate as to lose
them make me wish very much to be able to send something
which may be in any degree agreable to him.

I have it in my power to procure the Information & perhaps
Drawings brought from the Northern Neighbourhood by a private Emissary
sent there on a particular Commission. Altogether I think I shall
be pretty well stocked before I set out to pursue my Tour, and I
think you will confess that I have found myself in fortunate enough
circumstances, and made tollerable good connections pour bien
remplir le but de mon Voyage.
I may perhaps speak much
more openly and with less reserve in a Letter which I propose
to send by the Ships. I have a thousand Anecdotes which I cou'd
wish to Communicate to my friends, but I am afraid even to mention
the name of any one here, that same fear is the Cause of my not
profiting by the permission which you promised me to direct my
Letters to Mr Fraser. The name of the distinguished Post he occupy:

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