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Thorpe near Staines. Oct. 15. 1780

Hond: Sir

This morning came a letter from Sam of which what is
on the other leaf is an entire copy verbatim & literative. I send this
by a special messenger to Staines, that there may be no time lost in forwarding
it to you. You will see by the endorsement that I should have
had it eight or nine days ago, if there had not been neglect somewhere.
How unfortunate the correspondence has been in both sides! Since the
commencement of this last expedition, two letters of Sam's have miscarried: I
have had but one out of the two he mentions to have written from Chernobyl,
and the one which in his last he mentions to have written from
Pultowa has miscarried too.

I congratulate you heartily, my dear Father, on the benefit you
so soon received from your residence at the place at which this letter
will I suppose find you: it must be a comfort at your time of life
or indeed at any time of life, to know of a place where one is sure
of being well. I hope now you are there you will not be in haste to
quit it till every thing has been got that can be got from it, and you are
sure that you are perfectly set to rights again.

I wrote to Pleschijeff; I think it was about a week after we

On the 2d of this month I received a letter from Sam's friend Lohman,
dated July 17th on board of Walsingham's ship off St Lucia. He was
then expecting to go on a re-inforcing expedition to the Spanish main: but
that expedition has I suppose since been put by by the apprehension of the attack
upon Jamaica. I am sorry to find in his letter a confirmation of the accounts
we have of the disagreement between Rodney and his Captains: not one
who will either dine with or so much as speak to him: principally on account of
the disgust given by the letter printed in the Gazette for his, and which to

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