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London 6th Novr 1780. Monday morning

I arrived in town yesterday. This morning came
to hand two of your letters: the one the so-much
regretted one from Czernobyl: dated Aug. 1st the other dated Petersburgh
4th Sept.r the day after your return. They
had been withheld from me with very good intentions
by a mistake of the suisse with
that which sent my letters astray from you; with
the difference that my directions were in writing.
Still however yours from Pultacra is wanting,
I hope there was nothing in it very particular.
I sit down to write without loss of time; for various
reasons one of which is to sure you if it
be not not too late, the trouble of writing over again
the contention of that from Czernobyl: which by the
bye came to me under cover directed by you indeed
(on strange brown paper) but without your
seal; indeed without any seal but a lump of
wax over which while hot paper with a letter or two on it seemed to have
been stuck and then torn off.

The circumstance you mention in yours of the
4th Sept.r is unfortunate indeed; but I do not see
how it was to have been avoided. As to the
anxiety you express at the apprehension of an abatement
of my affection, that I trust has
been considerably relieved at least if not altogether
dispelled by my letter to your friend,
to whom I wrote the beginning of last month,
as I did to you about the latter end, after
having rece'd your note from Mittau. Before
I cease to love you my Sam, I must have
ceased to love any thing that exists, beginning
with myself. But my affection for you were
if possible for it to be ten times stronger than
it is, could not prevent me from passing in
my own mind such judgment on your conduct
as the data I have before me, such as
they are, appear to call for: and in the case

---page break---

in question, circumstances required that that judgment
should be made known to you.

I cannot for reasons not worth mentioning
write any thing very material at this present
instant, and therefore here follows some ordinary
chit-chat. Dining at Sir Paul's at Chertsey
t'other day there was the rest of the company
consist'd of a Sr Chs & Lady Cocks or Cox. Sr
Ch. is M.P. chief clerk of the ordnance and has
16000£ a year. in Worcestershire and Herefordshire If you don't know him already
you will find him in the Court Calendar.
Talking with Lady C. she told me of a brother
she had who was then upon the point of leaving
or had left Sweden to go to Petersburgh. His
name was Poole which he changed to Carew
or Carey for an estate of £5,000 a year. He
had written to Lady C. to desire he to send him
one of Wedgwood's catalogues to give to Bergman.
He is about 27, has been travelling there 5
years, and as she says is very assiduous in informing
himself of every thing. I has a
great thirst for knowledge. It had did not happen
to be in my way to make much enquiry
about him, but from what I happened to collect
I shou'd imagine you would find him
a very accomplished man. If so, you might
give me (if you happened to have nothing
else to do) some estimable account of him, taking no
notice of this: not that it is of any other
consequence that that it would naturally give
pleasure to his Sister who seems to be a very
sensible agreeable woman. She won my heart;
by the care she took of my eyes, which though in
other respects perfectly good require to be protected
by screens from candles as well as from fire
but particularly from the latter.

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