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Davies the little postman
has left this neighbourhood; which I need
not tell you I am sorry for: I shall
be plagued I fear with his successor
whom I have not seen.

There its almost 1/2 after 11 — the
bell is a ringing so adieu.

About a couple of months hence
I might have an answer to this if
there were any thing in it to be
answer'd. How miserably all the threads
of our correspondence are cut to pieces.
I forget now what there was of fi:
but I imagine nothing that is now
very material.

L. seems to be off I think: his
two of three last pamphlets having
been thought lightly of as they deserved.
He looks poorly — I fancy he has
been meeting with mortifications — No
Parliament — and other rivals to
him on the same side have been
brought in — matter — considering
the slights I have met with from him
I can't say but it would be some
satisfaction to me to be able one of these
days to look over his hand. He would not
then surely be barefaced enough to be attempting
to come round again.

I am very glad I escaped Sharpe for
a Translator — such a fellow as he would
have tried to squeeze me in all manner of ways.

---page break---

Books of S.B.

( Murray on the keeping of a Ships reckoning
( then 4to
( Priestly, explanation of his chart of history
(do of Geography
(Nairnis description use of Hadley's Quadrant.
( Use of the and plain seale 1746
(Essay sur la Marine & le Commerce 1763
( Thenrick on the perpetual motion

The above are books of your which
I find here. Do you want any of
them. It is now to think
of sending any thing to Petersburgh by
Sea. For ordinary matters we have
nothing else to trust to but Hamburgh.
My book might go upon occasion
way of Vienna; tells me the
is a regular coach or carriage of some
or other goes from thence to Petersburgh.

---page break---

By the bye you might make enquiries
about the stages &c if there are any that
come to you from any parts of Germany.
and let me know and answer

Ruspe has been for some time at his
shift. He has a wife who upon expectance
held out to her came over
a little while ago, but for want of assets
went back again. He cam begging to
me: but I him. Why should
I have done otherwise: the acquaintance
had never been of more than the most
impersonal kind — I had asked him repeatedly
to lend me a book & he had taken no notice
of it &c & c.

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