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income from it is not more than 12 thousand pounds a year you may perhaps
be inclined to think that such land must be good for nothing at all.
I having been through 3 or 4 of his estates and seen a good deal of the pecuniary
and productions of them can form some little idea of the advantage it would be of to
both parties is some immediate trade could be established with England, or in short
the products of his estate to be delivered in to the dockyards without it passing
through other hands than that of him who has the contract.

After all I believe my friend Barstow was in the right in his opinion that
the place is not worth my asking for, but that if I should wish to have it, it would probably only
cost me that trouble. I have been questioning Mr Shairpe a little about the matter and he
tells me that there is no the late Resident Sir James Corry took the place without any
appointments whatever no Salary nor any emoluments. It appears that he had got his
money by supplying the Russians when they upon during this last expedition into Poland
and that he procured himself this place afterwards he only that he might
appear to have something to do. He corresponded however with the Secretary of State
and I remember while I was there told me of some emmissiaries of the crown who
were sent in search of Ship timber & naval stores having been lately addressed
to him from the Secretary of State's Office for assistance.

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The above was written you will see when by the date, upon reading
it over after it was written it did not please me at all and I wrote another
in its stead, finding however how many of my letters have miscarried I may as well
send this upon the chance of it containing something new. As to the Residentship of Dantzic it is
at present disposed of as no doubt you heard upon the first enquiry if you judged it proper
to make any. I received a few days ago a letter from my brother in which he tells me of your
having been displeased at my not writing immediately to you, Sir: since the date however of that letter
I hope you have received two from me. Inclosed you have a letter from Mr Forster. He
enjoys the same health of body and reads as well without spectacles as ever; but his memory fails
him very much. He is come to board in the house where I lodge. There is just arrived here
a Mr Pole Carew of a Devonshire family a gentleman I believe of fortune, of a good deal of knowledge
and seemingly of a very amiable disposition. He lodges in the same house and in the next rooms to mine.

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