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He has been from England about 5 years. He spent a good deal of time at the Hague where
I made his acquaintance at Sir Joseph Yorke's. He came here by way of Denmark
and Sweden; He is very intimate with Sir James Harris and is now making his rounds
amongst the nobility here. It is probable his acquaintance will be usefull to me in some way or other
as he interests himself very much in my pursuits and has done since we met at the Hague. in my pursuits He has
made a collection of several things in my way during his stay in Denmark & Sweden.

I find, Sir, by my brother's letter that you have been much out of order but am rejoiced to learn
at the same time that you journey to Bath seems to have quite reestablished your health.
There are some mineral springs in the southern part of this country which of late are very much
reported to something in imitation of Bath and where many people are said to have found
great benefit in different disorders. When you let me hear from you again do pray, Sir,
tell me something about Farr & Charles. How they do and what they do. What line of life
has Charles chosen or is he still at Oxford. I should like exceedingly to taste
tomorrow of the Sundays fillet of veal at Q.S.P. but I do not mean to return
like the prodigal son to eat of the fatted calf.

Fain Hond Sir
Your dutifull & affectionate Son

1780 ) S.B. Petersburgh
Nov ) to
) Q.S.P. Q.S.P.

St Petersbourg
21t November 1780

We have had frost and snow for a fortnight the rivers all frozen over
but what but seldom happens in this country it has though thawed so
much for this week past that it became dangerous to pass the river
and it was expected a little that it would entirely break up again
last night however the frost is returned and most likely will stick
by us for the winter. As to myself nothing has happened to determine
absolutely my stay here or my departure for Sweden or other parts of this country.

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