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Decr 29th 1780

I wrote by last post giving an account of the forwarding
of the translation of Introd: and of the agreement that had
been entered into for printing it at Stutgard in Germany
at our own risks. I might have added that as the two
parts are to be printed together he reckons but a fortnight
printing the last 20 sheets; and upon the whole he
expected that it would be finished and ready for
sending in little more than 3 months from Sunday
last: so that in about 4 months you may look for
it at Petersburgh.

This day's post will bring advice of the death of Mr
Harris M.P. for Christchurch Hants & Father of Sr J: I am
sorry for it. You know he was author of Hermes; from which
I have derived considerable instruction. I was in hopes we
might have become acquainted.

---page break---

on the Phil Frame.
Shipbuilding Reform Anecdotes
W. I hope they may not have proved a means of
its miscarrying.

Remember Q.S.P.'s certificate that he is to receive the
Tontine by. He mentioned it himself. He is to
give me that which he has on my life: that, and the
Malthouse being let will have £14 a year that I
shall have to fight him for.

You have not told me yet whether Peake's father
paid you for Harrison the Taylor's bill?

Sr Ch. Douglas's method of splicing a yard that is almost
broke in two, without shortening it The Yard broke
He filets it longitudinally and replaces the shorter halves
parallel to the longer on the same side .
This he delivered this last cruise of Darby, to all the Captains
assembled, who upon its being proposed to them as a problem
to solve all gave it up. I had it from MacNeill a friend
of Wilson's who is just come from the fleet. I send 7 1/2 sheets I reserve
3 1/2, till next post.

These Experimentings & Div. are an enormous load to send through
such a channel. I keep out a part of Conduct to have it copied.

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