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At last then my journey is absolutely determined on and will most probably
be a long one. I have everything ready and set off early tomorrow morning.
Where to? what for? When shall I be back? are questions which you will
expect me to give a good account of, but which I could wish to put off
the answering of. My dislike of att to setting about giving you these answers
does not I do most sincerely assure you procede from any suspicion that
you would not be satisfied with them; but merely from the impossibility
of my letting you know all my reasons. Will you be satisfied in knowing
that ever I am pursuing the plan which cannot
fail of succeeding either here or at home. It is my own fault if my connections
in both are not very firmly established by my return. My very good
friend Sir James has given himself a good of trouble to serve me Mr Carey also in whose
power it may probably be to do me very essential service is disposed to spare
no pains to exerting himself for me. Whether I shall begin here or at home is
as yet uncertain. I have just now written a letter to Ld Sandwich which
Sir James incloses in one from himself about me by the first Courier which
he dispatches. My letter is about my copper sheathing plan.

I hope my father will forgive my having taken up so much money just now.
I have not spent 20 pounds since my return from the last journey except for things for my
present journey and which I hope will well pay me, besides I shall certainly not want any more for a year.

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