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After visiting some saw mills and some copper mines which are
almost in the straight road I shall I suppose in less than a fortnight
be at Archangel. From there you will hear from me and then
I may be able to give some better account of the route I take.
I promise to be a much better correspondent than I have been yet,
and shall be much more particular in my journal as I may probably
make some use of the general observations I make.

Our correspondence will henceforth cost seldom cost either of us anything.
I have since I have been here paid a monsterous deal of money for
postage. You will always direct your letters or packets to Sir James.
I have received a few days ago your packet of "Div". "Experimenting" which
I wanted that you procure me in a month I think however if you
send it me in 3 or 4 it will be time enough.

When your Code is finished send 3 or 4 copies in English and 1/2 a dozen
in German directed to Sir James. One he will take care the Empress shall
have. One in English direct yourself to Mr Petroff from the Author,
inclose it also in a cover apart directed to Mr Petroff St Petersburg.
The other copies leave Sir James to dispose of as he pleases.

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