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We have received lately the News of the revolt which has been
suscitated in London and the guilty part which Mr Ranzow has taken in it
The Empress learnt it with a great displeasure, and I believe has instantly
Sentenced him to a perpetual Banishment with a positive refusal to receive
representations from whomsoever in his favour or Justification.

After the uncourteous length of my letter, no apology is good,
the best and only attonement I can make for the loss of your time is to
stopt Short, allowing myself only to assure You of the unlimited respect and
honest Esteem with which I shall always remain,

Your very humble & Obed.t Serv.t
Sergius Pleschjeff.

St. Petersbourg,
June 21t )OS. 1780.)

I am waiting impatiently for your Letter's, being authorized by your
Brother to open them, and charged to transmit to him only the most interesting
Passages, conserving the whole of the Letters in my custody 'till his return.

St Petersbourg, Febry 14th 1781

I have no more time than just to forward to You, Your Brothers
Letter which he left with me at his setting out, and to tell you, Sir, that his
Business goes on very well, he has two excellent Strings to his Bow, in Short,
I know not how he could be better off, but You must not be in a hurry, that is
the worst in our Country; it will be a twelve Month, or let us say for the
most 10 months before his affair can be determined on. I must tell you
that I am not a stranger to his pressing circumstances in other respects, He
has been very uneasy, I could see, at his having drawn on his Father for
so much, I would have prevented him, taking away the necessity; This
however he would not allow. But although my allowance is but security for

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