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posted 23 hours 49 minutes ago

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posted 24 days ago

Hi Chris: Have at look at JB/004/015/002 - there are a number pages in this series (JB/004) which are similar, i.e. there are some annotations beside certain sections of a Bill/Act. Without transcribing the printed text of the Bill/Act the annotations make no sense by themselves. The only other alternative would seem to be to put an untranscribed reference to the clause number of the Bill/Act and then transcribe the handwritten notes (which are somewhat illegible). How do you want to handle them? Cheers Kay

posted 37 days ago

MS JB/034/193/001 There are still a lot of gaps and guesswork in this MS therefore I don't intend to submit it at present but to leave it open.

posted 1182 days ago

Hi Chris For the transcription challenge folios box 78 appear to be accessible from the link in your email but not from Untranscribed Manuscripts. This is still the case with Box 109. Regards Keith

posted 1303 days ago

Hi Chris

The toolbar problem seems at last to be resolved. Many thanks, Keith

posted 1358 days ago

Hi Chris I have begun looking at the MSS in Box 109. There is a link in the last Newsletter which is live but Box 109 is not listed under "Untranscribed Manuscripts". Does this need to be corrected? Keith

posted 1416 days ago

Thanks so much, though I used to transcribe for work I'm a bit of a newbie for transcribing these kinds of papers but find them fascinating. If there's anything that needs correcting or I need to know feel free to tell me.

posted 1433 days ago

Whoops, got my dates mixed up (See previous message). Please send me the link to register for this. Keith

posted 1482 days ago

Just saw your Newsletter in my email so found your explanation; if you mouse-over the blanks the button functions are indicated and they seem to work normally. Keith

posted 1482 days ago

As from 08.50 this morning (03/04/20) some of the radio buttons have disappeared from the editing page which obviously means that certain effectors can't be used to edit the input or maximise the display Keith

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