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This box has been completed transcribed!

Box 27 contains some of Bentham's earliest material written between 1774 and 1780. It includes documents concerning the critical elements of jurisprudence; the penal code; principles of human action; happiness; reward; and the introduction to morals and legislation. It also contains comment on Blackstone's Commentaries.

Detailed contents of this box are as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 12: Critical elements of jurisprudence - Prefact [c.1775]
  • Folios 13 to 23: Penal Code. Introduction, Encyclopaedical sketch - maxims of utility [c.1776]
  • Folio 24: Penal Code. Of offences in general [c.1777]
  • Folios 25 to 28: Principles of human action [c.1777]
  • Folios 29 to 40: Happiness and unhappiness - their dimensions, value of a pain or pleasure [c.1778]
  • Folios 41 to 43: Reward - prefat [c.1778]
  • Folios 44 to 47: Penal Code. Preface [c.1778]
  • Folios 48 to 51: Penal Code. Principles adverse, principles of antipathy [c.1778]
  • Folios 52 to 59: Penal Code. Of disposition - fictitious entity [c.1778]
  • Folios 60 to 94: Penal Code. Punishments, motives, consciousness, four sanctions, fiction [c.1778-80]
  • Folios 95 to 116: Penal Code. Prefat [c.1780]
  • Folios 117 to 175: Introduction to morals and legislation. Prefat [c.1780]

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