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The boxes of manuscripts in this category include Bentham's earliest works: the easiest documents to transcribe. During this period Bentham anonymously published A Fragment on Government (1776), which was an attack on William Blackstone's Commentaries. He also produced An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (printed in 1780 and published in 1789), which expounded his ideas on the principle of utility as a basis for government and legislation. Meanwhile Bentham developed his plan to codify the law and produce a pannomion. He wrote on the role of the penal code and the significance of punishment and reward, while also offering a critique of English Common Law. At the end of this period Bentham produced a draft constitution for France which recommended universal suffrage. See a time-line of Bentham's life.

Though material from Box 115 was written just after this period, a number of folios in this box are in the hand of one of Bentham's scribes, and are somewhat easier to read. New users or those wishing to familiarise themselves with the language of the period and the text-encoding system may wish to select a manuscript from this box.

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