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Box 29 is among the smallest of the boxes of manuscripts in the UCL Collection of Bentham Papers, consisting of approximately seventy sheets. With the exception of the first part of the box (which is in English and from around 1782–6), and the last part of the box (which is also in English and from 1830), Box 29 consists largely of drafts or summary sheets that Bentham wrote in French in the 1780s on the subject of civil law.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 10 : Elements of Critical Jurisprudence, Of Laws in General [1782-86]
  • Folios 11 to 13 : Code Civil, Matière civil—droit distribute privé—plan [1786]
  • Folios 14 to 17 : Code Civil—Brouillon, Forme I [c.1786]
  • Folios 18 to 24 : Code Civil—Matière civil—sujets de propriété [c.1786]
  • Folios 25 to 51 : Code Civil—Tables–des lois, des obligations, des droits [c.1786]
  • Folios 52 to 54: Code Civil—Table des tables [c.1786]
  • Folios 55 to 63 : Civil Code—consideranda [1830]
  • Folio 64: Incorporeal hereditaments [c.1830]

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