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6 Novr 1800
Paper Mischief

As to this point what is evident seems plain enough at –
first sight is – that the facilities for engaging in a
plan of extortion traffick of this kind are the greater in a country
the greater the quantity of its wealth its degree of opulence. On a second
glance the matter point does not appear quite so clear.
If on the other hand in a more wealthy country there
is more capital to buy up and keep up goods with than in a
less wealthy one, on the other hand there are more
goods to be bought up with the money. On the other
hand again in proportion as the country is more
and more wealthy the proportion of the quantity of capital capable
of being employed in the buying up of goods, to the quantity of goods
will be great and encreasing: for such encreasing
ratio is the characteristic and test and the indication
of it the definition of growing opulence.

If the danger from the enterprizes of this
sort on the part of the Banking trade depended merely
on the quantity of wealth embarked in that trade,
it would scarcely form ground for any article of
charge: it would be a charge against wealth itself:
and would involve the absurdity of bringing
into view a retail evil for the purpose of setting engaging
men to quarrel with a wholesale good.

But the true git of the charge is – that the Banking
trade is stands peculiarly exposed to the temptation
of injuring the public in this way by their wealth
in a proportion degree more than proportioned to the quantity
of that wealth: because it enables them for
that particular purpose to create a species of wealth
which to them is real, to the rest of the community imaginary,
and which would not have been created but for
this purpose, and which has not the effect of wealth when applied to any other purpose.

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