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1828 March 30 1

H. Br. "Upshot" for Law Reform

Basil Montague "Law of Set Off" the new edition
Morn Chron 11 April 1828

Not employable.
Brougham's Upshot not
having been published.

1 Judiciary
1. The Judge would be appointed without regard
to party, (1) and the people would have fair play (1) By whom
in contests with the Crown and the Church. (2) So
would Liberal opinions have fair play, in all cases,
and the Bar would be liberal and reforming (3) — the
dead weight being taken off them.

2. When the Crown and
Church are divested of
all influence: i.e.

(3) Thus would every one
of them sacrifice his
own interest to every
other. Let them begin
by asking Grace

1 Judiciary
2. There would be access to all the Courts
equally, (1) and Judges enough to do their business, (2) and
Wales would have English Judicature.

(1) For those who are
rich enough: no 1 in 100

2. How many, and
by whom how paid?

1. Judiciary
3. The Colonies would have a real Court
of Appeal. (1)

(1) Those who could pay
the costs: i.e. 1 out of
1,000 to whom the rest
would then be slaves

1 Judiciary
4. The Justice of the Peace enormity would
be removed, and good local Judicatures, civil and
commercial, established, under proper superintendence.

1. Judiciary
5. All manorial holidays holdings and customs
would be abolished, and all local varieties of Law
at an end.

1 Judiciary
6. The crown and subject would, in all
cases, be on the same footing as suitors in all

1 Judiciary
7. Courts of Arbitration and Natural Procedure
would be established.

1. Judiciary
8. Courts of Equity would be, if not abolished,
yet confined to cases of management of Infants
and Lunatics Estates, and other Long Trusts; — and
no longer be courts of concurrent and conflicting

9. All

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