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Box 11 is a batch of material from UCL's Bentham Papers collection. It consists of Bentham's writings on legal reform, and his commentary on Home Secretary Robert Peel's police. Among Bentham's correspondence with Peel is his draft 'Body Providing Bill' (folios 220-24), which was intended to provide medical practitioners with access to cadavers. In his proposal, Bentham suggested that when a person admitted themselves to hospital they would effectively consent, in the event of their death, to their body being used for the advancement of medical science.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folio 1: J.B to Henry Brougham - suggestions as to Modus Procedendi in law reform motion, marginals [1828]
  • folios 2 to 6: Henry Brougham, 'Upshot' for law reform [1828]
  • folios 7 to 19: Brougham's speech on law reform, Bentham's comments [1829]
  • folios 20 to 166: Reformists reviewed, Eldon, Peel, Brougham [1828-29]
  • folios 167 to 179: J.B. on Secretary Peel's Police Salary-raising speech [1825]
  • folios 180 to 364: Correspondence with Sir Robert Peel [1825-30]

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