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1829 June 12 3
J.B. on Brougham's Speech


This note a challenge
to JB. to a

How it happened that this Note came to find its way into
that same publication is more than I can say as so much
as conjecture not having ever had with my learned friend
any the least communication on the subject direct or indirect, close
to the day on which these words are writing: that is to say 12 June
1829. Meantime this much amidst the spirit of kindness
in which it is candid, this much is manifest made, that is
to say that in my opinion on the subject of Juries concerning them are called passages
by which expression are given to doubts, and that those same
doubts are "unfounded." In this same passage I can not
but see something wearing the face of a challenge. That nothing
personal was meant is a declaration that can not be made: since the it is by his
very name that the person thus honoured is thus mentioned: not in the
challenge I can not but behold of not a mandate, at the
least a licence to engage in the war in question, the war
of words. Assume Confident that by such a war, on such ground and
between such combatants the public has more or less to give since
Henry Brougham is one of them, and that it is the very
recourse from that war of swords and pistols for the execution of
which an engine is in preparation, I take up the gauntlet,
and thus proceed.

Jury the ground of
the war

Of this same war in the particular ground
is that of Jury Trial part of the field of Procedure in on which the
Jury box is situated. But the exercise and evolution of my learned
have not been confined to any such nascent spot, in which
amongst others I propose to meet him: they his toward of
the whole field of legislation no point has been left by him unbounded untouched
any part of it trodden but, as Dutch under
a roller, benefit to the public has sprung up and in his face.

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