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1829 June 12. 7.

J.B. on Brougham's Speech

(2) (7

Rule 1. All comprehensiveness
H.B.'s speech corresponding
rule p. 112.

1. Rule the first. Rule of Principle is all comprehensiveness. J.B.'s Rule.
On the field of law, be your plan of reform all comprehensive(a)
H.B.'s rule. "But as the fundamental principle for which I
"contend is — to allow no part of the law by itself, or without
"considering all the parts other parts," Plan there can be
"no difficulty, consistently with this doctrine, to enlarge the
allowance of costs as soon as &c. Place of this rule — the
112th of 120 pages

So again as to Bankruptcies.

Thus again speaking of Bankrupt Law, to view
"Partial legislation on such a subject is pregnant with mischief" —
'On such a subject': here then to the all-comprehensive
rule laid down in the last preceding page but mine is
a virtual limitation, and pro tanto a contribution.

This the place for the
word edification.

Here would have been a place for the word edification
which by the theoretical pen now employing at work kept itself
on these pages eleven years ago hath been planted in the
language, and which all the frost which the God Genie of Islam
could bring to view upon it has not been able to kill and
eradicate to prevent from revering the sacred Gospel mustard-tree.

J.B.'s rule applied
to written Pleadings.

Rule per J.B. When you have laid down a principle
if you add on Mr Brougham's in practice, that is to say
proposed arrangements having for their ground the principle, make
give to your arrangements all together the breadth equal to that
of your principle: for as an intention to reform being the intention
professed, whatsoever you do not profess to abolish, you confirm.
1. Whatever you do not abolish you confirm.

(a) Reason for this rule seen soon—non-condemnation is approbation.

Apply this to Written Pleading. Of the upper trees
with which Judge's sinister interest has covered the field of procedure
are of the tallest is that which bears Written Pleading: the whole
growth from the minutest fibre of the root to the uppermost living flowers
is opposition to this law rule. Well then this practice of them, what does

it with the highest tree?
does it eradicate it? No
all that it does with it
as to  : cutting off
a trifling twig or two,
and then giving the deep
laid former root to all
every part of which against which nothing is said.

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