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1829 June 12. 8.
J.B. on Brougham's Speech

p. 61. (3) (8.

Rule 2. Rule of
Procedure per JB.

2. Rule the 2. Rule of procedure. J.B. 'Let no suit commence
but by the appearance of some individual in the presence of the Judge
some individual from whose lips all the facts belonging to the case in so
far as he is acquainted with them and can be prevailed made upon to
state them may be brought to view, and by whose care at whose hands
competent security can be obtained against undue vexation of on defendants
side. See Petition Prayer.

Rule the second. In part of such security, obtain of
such applicant information of the manner in which for the purpose
of Justice intercourse may to a certainty at all times
be kept up with him during the continuance of the suit. Petition

<sic>Do per HB.

H.B. p.61. "The interest of the Court of Justice being to
make both parties come out with the whole of their case as
early as possible, [the law should never lend itself to these concealments.]
Place of this rule page 61. Ten pages before, to
wit on page 51, "unnecessary litigation" being the cost stated as that
for the prosecutor what he is about to propose "means", he begins
to lay down
"I shall here begin" (says he) "as under almost all the
"other heads of the subject, begin by laying down what I take
"to be the sound principles of legislation applicable to the power,
"and then comparing with these the principles actually adopted
"by our own jurisprudence". Thereupon follows a list of six or seven distinguishable
rules or principles; [+] but among these so stated fundamental principles the one above quoted
is not to be found: though by following an appropriate
application of it, it might be made to swallow up all those
comparatively narrow principles: as Aarons's sacred serpent rod swallowed
up at the little profane serpents.

[+] at the close of which
he says p. 59 'Now
these being the fundamental
principles that
should guide us on
this head, nothing can
depart more widely from
them than on Practice
and nothing can be
more cases than to
make it conform to them'
[☞ Add notes of his own

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