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Petition or Dispatch Court or Review of J & H.B ?

1829 June 17

Reformists Agenda
Agitation & Contribution.


(3) (3

Of pure Monarchy
end in view existing principle that all
subjects be considered as
made for the use of the
monarch and his family.

1 or 2. True Charta de Foresta

Of pure and ut Monarchy, pure and absolute, utmost the
end in view pre with the corruptive fundamental principle, and ruling leading
rule axiom or maxim is—that for the use of the Monarch and his
family at the whole aggregate composed of all the other members of
the political community should be considered as being made: just
as by it and for the are of his sheep-owning husbandman the sheep belonging to his flock of which his flock is composed
are considered as being made: to be fleeced, so long as it is most
profitable and agreeable to him that they should be fleeced, to be slaughtered
as soon as respectively most agreeable to him that they
should sensibly and respectively be slaughtered.

Accordingly under William
Rufus the project of
converting all England
into a for this
Royal Forest.

Accordingly under William Rufus immediate successor
to the Conqueror, in whose instance the regia civiles afforded
other still more piquant resources against encrease, the correspondent prospect
corr received its conception and commencement—the project
of converting not the improving into the condition of a forest
the whole of the surface of the forest in the Kingdom—with the example of
such part of it as should be found indispensably necessary to the satisfaction
of such parts of it as the community the existence of which should
be found needful in the character of instruments in his royal
hand, employed in the maximization of his royal felicity.

Of this project the commencement was the formation of the New

Change from pure
to aristocracy ridden

So much for the new and old of government under
the pure and absolute Monarchy. Under this improvement what the
fo same multitude has since received by the its conduct
change from a pure and absolute Monarchy, to into an aristocracy
ridden Monarchy.

Gradual encrease of
number of persons
proposed of power in
the natural progress
of affairs.

Scale in respect of the number of the persons possessed of
the power of government is the natural progress of affairs.

Under primaeval darkness, that sort receptacle of the power of government, one power
of land was no more: under a mixture of light and darkness
power of land in comparatively small numbers, added or substituted
to the sole originally existing one, under pure and unclouded light
all without distinction or acceptance — those excepted what the makers of
man and things necessitates: in all the constitution, authority for the legislative few
the legislator, is the one
the Executive.

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