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1829. Aug. 1.
on Law Reform. G.B.

J.B.'s reforms


1. p.1.
The Schoolmaster is abroad
proclaimed by Brougham
2 or 3 years ago — The announcement
by beneficial effects.

or 2. p.1.
Another Prophet the
Law Reformist now
abroad — W.R. his
trumpeter. He is now
at length heard.

3. p.1.
All true Prophets followed
by false ones in this
as in other instances.

4. p.1.
Praise and glory of
the law-reformist the
theme of this Number.

5. p.2.
On law reform much
has been said. In relation
to this subject
various dispositions,
interests, wishes & endeavours.

6 p.2.
As in Parliamentary
so in Law Reform
1. Radical Reformists
2. Moderate do — 3. Anti-reformists.

7. p.3.
Of Radical Reformists
J.B. the first beyond
all controversy. His
portrait by Pickersgill
and verse applied
to him by Joy
at Sernaux's.

8. — p.4.
First object to represent
to view in their present
state the fruits of his
labours as a standard
of comparison of what
has been done in the
pursuit of those ends.

---page break---

9. p.4.
Two branches taken in
hand 1. Procedure
2. Real Property. The
first mentioned here
begun with.


10 p.5.
By J.B. alone the remedy
undertaken to be
found — little more
than the Code necessary.

Fee gathering
11 p.5.
With him have gone
the neological and
the therapeutic branch
His views omnicomprehensive.
Witness the invention
of the word.

12 p.6.
Fee gathering
For performance of
Judicial operations
supersubordinates necessary.

13 p.6.
Fee gathering
Under existing system
these subordinates
appointed by
the Judges. Hence a
great source of patronage.

14 p.6*
Fee gathering
Nature of the disorder
Justice sold or denied
in contradiction to
Magna Charta.

15 p.6*
Fee gathering
Cause of the disorder the
fee gathering system.

16 p.7.
Fee gathering
Torment to operatees, comfort
to operators joined
together by fee gathering system.

17 Fee Gathering p.7.
Great Bazaar of Justice
split into 4 Justice Shops
Monopoly enjoyed by the
town shops as against
country shops.

---page break---

18. p.8.
Multiplication and
prolongation by them
for the sake of fees.

Judge on
19. p.8
Encreased time and
means of operating to
Judge by being single
instead of one of many.

Parties present
20 p.9
Judges dealing with the
parties instead of with
their attorneys: advantages.

Ends of Justice
21 p.10
Relation of proper
ends of justice to actual
end of judicature.

Ends of Justice
22 p.10.
Main and giving execution
& effect to the
law — Branches avoidance
of misdecision
avoidance of non decision.

Ends of Justice
23 p.10.
Collateral ends avoidance
of delay vexation
& expense —

Ends of Justice
24. p.10.
Corresponding & apposite
ends of feegathering

Ends of Judicature
25 p.10
Contribute to the main
end in a certain degree
is what they cannot
but do.

Ends of Judicature
26 p.10*
But if with uniformity
& steadiness execution
& effect given to the
law scanty would
be the fee harvest

Ends of Judicature
27 10*
Misdecision to produce

Ends of Judicature
28 10*
Non-decision by delay
productive of fees.

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