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1829 June 15

Review of Bentham and Brougham


(1) (1)

To conclude Were it It has now been seen, how far short the practice
matter chat on this scurilous speech as under
the head of "practice" falls short of being conclusive with that
which is established under the head of principles: how far
such in all parts taken together how far short performance is of promise.
In the most vital part his was contrary adverse <add>opposite
and repugnant. Of two so different causes — design evil consciousness on the one hand
misadventure on the other is should then be ascribed. If I
shall it be to the design of opposing a bar to reform
altogether an ultimate and insurmountable bar, or be a
necessity of putting a
sincere desire of seeing
reform one day effected, and in company with that desire
a sense of the necessity of putting a deceit upon the
causes of reform — those implacable
enemies with whom under matchless with the exception of him
and then an honest man in disguise all and
situation, are so long as it last, so sure to be fittest?

When with Mr Bentham's plan in hand Mr O'Connel
stands up and addresses himself to Honourable House, then
will even the by which answer to this all such
questions will be furnished will be furnished. If he either opposes it in
or under the profession of improving its purposes
this or that alledged amendment without any
reason [1] [1] or under the notice
of their being so many principles
objections and bare
purposes answered
after amendment, how
secure in that
they may be
employable with advantage.
taking out of the quiver of fallacy all the arrows he
lets fly at it, then with the inevitable answers he
in the language clearly in English with consciousness
if he join with it hand in hand, either for supposing
it against opponents and either proffering no amendment to it
a man in any other character than that of amendment nearly at
the same time as when often as justice confession of former arrows, [+]2
[+]2 then will the true answer be in of at course Law Latin former non malus or at the English, lawful, necessary and salutary policy
or at the worst in Roman Law Latin in English

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