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Review of Reformists

1829 July 21 10

1. Compleat and Reformists.
Theories and Remedies
given by J.B. above.

☞ 17 Aug Superseded but

Two tasks functions there are to which every man is competent,
laying down laws, and finding fault with laws
—laying down laws provided that no reasons for them are required:
finding faults with laws provided that no reason for
the fault so found nor remedy when the alleged faults
are real ones. Yes, every man competent: add to which
may be added and every woman whether in her teens or at the close of her

With Jeremy Bentham from first to last it has been
an inviolable rule never to point out either abuse or imperfection
but with a view to, and for the sake and purpose
of, remedy.

Thus it is that in his proposed Petition for Justice.
In the statement part are exposed the imperfections, abuses,
grievances: in the Prayer part the principle of a proposed
commensurate remedy. In his Dispatch Court Bill, a preparative
course of experiment no exp a proposed experimental
institution, brought to such a state of particularity, as to be
ripe for conversion into Act of Parliament.

Not only in situations only more unapt and
in substance is the law in its existing state, than in its form
and profession method. For the one as well as the other. Bentham's
Dispatch Court Bill exhibits a model. For him this additional court This one matter not
of free choice but of necessity without a corresponding change in the form: remedy such as the disorder requires,
the disorder could not receive.


Examiner, July 25, 1829
Extract from.

"In an article in the Edinburgh Review, Mr Brougham
asserted that some of the demands on the time and labour of
a man of Business in any of the active walks of life
were incompatible with the discharge of his senatorial
duties. The opinion amply denotes the advice. When the first man
in the House of Commons
proclaims such a
dogma, what must
be the practice of
the herd?"

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