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1829 Aug. 4
Reformists reviewed
7. J.B.

Torment to operated
comfort to operatives
joined together by the
fee gathering system.

Torment to the wretches operated upon, toward
comfort to the operators all the powers of Pandemonium
could not in /by any other way/ means be have connected joined /have so closely joined/: in closer union matrimony these opposite
results those that in which the juncture exploit has been asserted atchieved
by the instruments called fees. As in other issues so in
these the issue here in question in addition to the power, two things are desirable, emolument
and ease. By the fee-gathering system both these objects
are combined in perfection accomplished in the most perfect stile. By From all to whom the door of
the Justice Hall is left opened profit is received; from all against
whom it is thereby shut, ease.

Great Bazar of Justice
split into four Justice
shops Monopoly enjoyed
by the Town shops against
country shops.

Accidents for the explanation of which space can not here
be spared split the great Metropolitan /original Grand/ Bazar of Justice into four shops
Justice-shops. To raise elevate it to its the pinnacle maximum of its prosperity
to this as to other shops monopoly was necessary. What
was necessary, that amongst them in such proportion as they
could agree upon a monopoly should be enjoyed by these
Town-shops as against and at the expense of the country Justice
shops—with these little Chandler's shops the Norman
Conquest had found the whole county covered. These it was necessary
should be put down: and put down they were. For this purpose
an abolition abrogation in form was not necessary.[+] A man They were
left open and continue so, or at any rate to this day

[+] All they had to do
was when a suit
had been begun w
in one of these little
Courts to call it from
there into one of their
own great ones: this
was all they had to
do; and this they did.

A man will not go to a shop in which after he has
called for what he wants said what it is he wants and paid his money for it, he
can not be served. In the Small Courts the parties could generally
speaking do carry on their business all along without sleeping from
their own houses, to do the business in the great shops Court before it was split they
had to lead a vagabond life for weeks, months or years as it
might happen. For this was the life which for a great part of the year the King was living while
himself living at free quarters upon the Lords, and in his train
went the Great Judge Head of the Law. When at after having been thus
dealt with from generation to generation they had at length no further
to go on this occasion than
from Cornwall or Cumberland
to London, this was another
indulgence for which they also were
indebted to the agitation Magna Charta by
which it had been produced.

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