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1829 Jul Aug. 3

Reformists reviewed


J.B. Ends of Justice
& Judicature

Collateral end
of Justice minimization
of delay vexation and
expence of judicature
maximisation of do

So much for the main end or ends of judicature: meaning
always regular English repute judicature. Now for as to the collateral
end or ends. For these a most stricter account will suffice.
Collateral end of justice, minimization (as Bullen calls phrases it)
of the evil of the evil unavoidably inherent any judicial procedure:
breeches of that evil delay
expence, delay and vexation, correspondent ends of justice
minimization of expence, minimization of delay, minimization
of vexation: correspondent ends of judicature, maximisation
of the expence for the sake of that profit which runs rises
in proportion to the expence: maximization of delay for the sake
of the expense of which the may greatly cut of the delay
are productive, and the encouragement thereby given as above
to dishonest defences: maximization of vexation when
not directly productive of fees maximization of it for the
encouragement encouragement given to litigation, and those the increase to be the business by pleasure of vagueness which the vexation of
each of two advances afford to the other.

For the whole of
this exposé the country
indebted to J.B.

So much for the sale of justice, so much for
the opposite, the actual ends of English regular the regular breech of English judicature.
So much for the discourse which the predecessors of the existing
Judges so with such ingenuity and indefatigable industry
were led to plant in the body of the law: and which the same
excesses of those same predecessors has with correspondent industry
and success have at all times and above
all at the present time — so successfully kept up. We say
above all the present: for when the time comes we shall have
to shew that him in the race of depravity, those at present in existence,
with the that has been
quarter, been left all then the </del> </del> favoured<add>fullest and of their predecessors
far behind.

For the whole of this exposé expedition in the country to
Jeremy Bentham this is the observation: his the very language: without the benefit of for his
language could not have be commended: scarcely could the have been

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