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1829 Aug. 4
Reformists reviewed

(1) (15
II. Judicatories accessible.

Inaccessibility of
Judicatories remedied
by the establishment
of local ones

While a limitation the of is the reliability of justice?

We speak not of labour: it is not with satisfaction we speak of .
One half the people content as to build their own . For this depends like
no of and neither would it be worth while put an exclusion upon justice.

Now for the inaccessibility of the Judicatories. Here the remedy
is not less obvious nor is description discussion is the
word less simple. To the four great Westminster Hall Courts,
and to all other Justice shops, substitute a compleat assortment
of shops where it may be had gratis — a compleat set of
Local Judicatories. Here for cognizance on the part
necessary for appeals Westminster Hall with or without other

40 40
Objection as to expense

But now comes the expense. On this subject all possibility
of detail is stands excluded by the necessary regard for space
a few lines and those of the most general complexion must
suffice. After the expense demand of defence against one eventually
invading enemy, where is the expense demand that ought not to
give way to the demand for justice. Of For which is the
necessity demand most urgent? of the name of religion, or of the
reality of justice? For which is the demand most urgent
for justice for all at home, or powers to be exercised
for the profit of the few, at the antipodes.

41 41
Expences extinguished
by retrenchment of the
old system

The new machinery requires or necessitates
expences expenditure: true: but it suppresses and produces
retrenchment. retrenchments. No sooner has the new fully adequate machinery been put
up, than the old so enormously inadequate will be taken down, and the expence
of keeping it up struck off.

42 42
Expense of existing
system a denial of Justice

Of By the cost of suit is the present expence
of what goes by the name of justice principally composed:
all these, by and in proportion to the advances
[necessary to be] made in the first instance. operate contribute
concur in producing the denial of justice: and by the advances
portion made by the mala fide and rash suitors on both sides
of the suit, taxes to a correspondent amount are imposed
upon the bona fide suitors on the other side of the suit:
by mala fide and
rash plaintiffs or bona
defendants: by
mala fide and rash defendants
or bona fide plaintiffs.

[+] In the 11th Century
Before the Norman
Conquest, the expence of local judicatories
was not too great for
the country, what should
render it so at present?
In France it is not
so here even now: in
France where Judges
remuneration is the whole
in Salary, no part in
fees: what should render
it so in England? In
France whereas "In the
multitude of Judges
the Conseilles (so Judges
are there called) is
, as the ruling
aphorism oracle delivered
by authority-begotten
and interest-begotten
prejudice: whereas
the contrary is matter has been
of demonstrated.

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