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1829 June 18
Review of Bentham & Brougham

II. Semi-reformists
2. Half Reformists

2 (2)
Add those who think to join reputation
to unlimited profit—as Humphrey,
Brougham &c.

So much for the thorough and sincere reformists, now for as to the half-reformists.
For existing Among lawyers those thorough and sincere reformists may be
content perhaps by any employment be given to the fingers of one hand, scarcely by to those of both hands
assuredly not by those of hands and feet. For counting those whose place is
in the half reforming class employment may might perhaps be to given unto the law of the land, for always
supposing that far higher
dose of temerity, a
certain degree of boldness
be supposed.

Sharers in the pillage plunderage established and regulated by
the fee-gathering system are his breed of feebroker—the official
the professional lawyer.

For the extinction abolition of the fee gathering system to be compleat
substitution of payment by salary to payment by fee no objection would
by many of the most be raised — among them one of the most enlightened
men by whom no objection would be made. On the contrary in
this particular and so far they not only would with gladness behold
the establishment of reform, but are in bond in the demands they
make for it. Why? upon what principle? Upon the Quo
upon the Exclusive jurisdiction principle. Under the existing system, as
matters stand at present, those parts of the substance of language
which without exclusion of their existence consistently with their existence is capable of being employed
in litiscontestation is divided in proportion not perhaps not
widely different+ between the pro official and the professional hand.
Say for arguments sake facility of argument in equal portions. Will these the greater the
extinguish the greater half / mass at present employed in gorging the
professional official stomach, the whole of the Burgeoning mass, and
finds or may find its way out the professional ones. In
making exact and minute calculation time and labour could be economically
employed: but upon a right rigid view and rough
estimate can all suits of that portion of the expence it being the half which goes into
official pockets, the number of persons of power capable of suits
and in a word the total number of suits would will be doubled—Justice can be kept defenceless.

+ See Closing Report. Report analysis of the expence of an Equity suit.

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