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1829 Aug. 7

Reformists classes

(1) II Semi-reformists
Scotch affluent Lawyers

II. Semi-reformists. For the explanation of this word a
few extra words will suffice. Classes of Lawyers, two: the affluent
and the professional: Limited in every county will be the quantity
of the matter of wealth capable of being applied employed into
purchase of the aggregate service of the aggregate number of individuals composed
of both these classes entering not the composition Of the quality the greater the part which
drawn from the position
which came to be employed in the purchase of its cases if like one set of services, the greater
is the part left capable of being employed in like manner
to the advantage of the other of these same classes. In semi In some
extent mixture these interests are conjoined. Those who a in
Chancery receive a fee for an attendance not paid, a Solicitor receives
another fee fo on the same pretence. But other instances there
are in which while the affluent person receives more or less fee
doing something or nothing, the learned party assistant, and
of the parties do not for that same something or nothing receive
[-] Here then and this fee
has place the
classes competition
for the matter of pleadings

any thing. So that these respective competitors are but out of their
way, by what means they are put out of the way, is to be learned
persons to whom relief is then afforded, a matter of comparatively magnanimous
indifference. If bought out by government is much the better,
for, by of a sort of partnership in profit community of interest and for this purpose a
of for continual constant intercourse, sympathy of a certain degree is a natural
constant consequence that follows of course. But as to interests
in every shape but that of sympathy and indifference on the
part of as to what becomes of how it turns with the other would naturally be the natural
have place. state of mind.

In Scotland, a few years ago, this state of things
received its exemplification. A shower of pamphlets
was of the number of its consequences. In his quality of
of Reform of ther offerings in this shape L to it a number
of a dozen more were found their way from Edinburgh
to the table of Mr Bentham.

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