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1829. Aug. 13.
Reformists reviewed.




Reformists classed

Law reform and dispositions
of people of England in
relation to it the
subject of this article.

Beginning next after the last of the pegs.

Law Reform, and the dispositions of the thinking
part of the people of England the various dispositions
in relation to it: such is the subject matter of the present
Article. The spirit of law-reform is abroad this <add>sound
we hear from all
quarters and it is a cheering one. The Spirit of Law Reform is at
present Article length abroad. The Schoolmaster of it has long been so. Taking up the masses
and marching before him,
they advance towards
improvement—we bid
upon us to proclaim announce
in one last Notice to

For clarification
of the subject—example
taken from the Zoological

The statement whatsoever be the subject of it
Method being an instrument of acknowledged
use: classification an equally approved instrument
of method. Wishing throughout to be understood, and that as clearly
as possible, we begin with a word petition or two to the Zoologists an illustrious
Society: that of the Zoo the Zoological to whom we make our bar, and a petition for law
to take a leaf out of their book.

In return a small flock stock of living subjects
we have been to present them with; all classed as above denominated as above
according to the relation they respectively bear to this same subject
of Law Reform.

J.B.'s Exhaustively bifurcate
method beyond our strength

Beyond our strength we must confess it to be
to perform the operation according to the strict method so
highly conducive to instruction—the method of exhaustive
bifurcation bifurcate method as already applied by Dr Dumont to animal creatures
by Dr Dumont and by Mr Bentham, in his Chrestomathia
to the whole field of thought and action considered as the
subject matter of art and science in general in all its branches.

The order imperfect
but on the present occasion
cannot be made better

The order in which we shall present to view and
bring in our collection of featherless bipeds of the mation
shape is we are sensible but an a very imperfect one;
and should the epithet of higgledy-piggledy be bestowed upon suited to it,
we confess we know not see not very well at this moment how it would be in our
power to shake it off: still, indifferent as it is, we hope this apology for a method
will be found some little better than nothing.

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