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1829. Aug. 14
Reformists reviewed
II. 1 Reformists classed

These classes genera
& species mere creatures
of the fancy

So began Throughout the regime of abstraction
we proceed fearlessly. Classes —genera—species these are our
own creatures—creatures of the fancy —creatures of our own
fancy, and without injury or possibility of injury to
any individual human being, we may say of them
what we please—we may do with them what we please.

Not so as to the individuals
their sayings they are
located into their niches
in these ideal receptacles
according to their acts
sayings or writings.

Not so, when taking in hand these ideal receptacles,
we set about placing locating in them the individuals
stocking them with individuals, locating in each such
nitch the individual or individuals, who, according to
such conception as their sayings, or writings or acts here
led us to form in relation to those present a good and
sufficient title to a place wi in it

On this occasion
contrary to usual
practice doubts sometimes
obliged to must take
the place of decisions
a leaf out of Eldon's book

On this occasion, n strongly against the grain
against the bent of our inclination, contrarily to our
usual practice, we may probably not infrequently
find ourselves reduced to take a leaf in out of the book
of Lord Eldon, but giving after all at the end of the
discussion, instead of decisions, doubts.


To Under this weakness In doing thus we shall however have two

1. for these doubts the
public does not pay
£30000 a year

One is—that in our case, the public will not
as in that other have to pay for moonshine in this place
from £20 to £ some £30,000 a year or thereabouts
in hand money.

2. If any individual
placed in a wrong
class he can put
himself into a right

Another is—that if in any instance it has shall
have happened to us to trick any this or that individual in a wrong
class, it will be altogether in his power to exempt himself
from sufferance in any shape, by looking taking himself into his own
hands and treating himself in a the right one.

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