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1829 Aug. 14
Reformists classed


Reformists who

J.B. In the first rank
of reformists — the
thorough reformists

1. Earliest and
1. At the heart
heartiest of Reformists

The law is all perfect. Ends all perfect so it is.

Indisputably first in rank as well as first in time at the head
of the class of The thorough Every thing is as it ought to be and semi-reformists will be plain of course
by every man in the this Kingdom to whom the question is put the vacant sage ought to be the
man of legislation or be his secretary been called an Act of legislation
A great deal is as it ought not to be
as he has at other times been called, the Naboth of legislation
as of late he has been called and by half Whisper. This man is either his many complaints of judges been This man is either
called, the fount of whose labours in the vineyard of legislation a as in any one person
can not in all its at so early and distant
period of the year 1776.

JB at the head
of the order

Class the Reformists. Order 1. Thorough-reformists.
At the head and front of this order we place
without any the least fear of dispute — under exists then in England that same
individual to whom at the mention of that same name can be necessary
to compleat the sentence we shall however
insert this same name — Jeremy Bentham.
First of all, Law reformers — first of all thorough Law reformers
is he not only in every sense in every order —in
the order of time priority as to time — as well as in the order of
magnitude as to quantity, and in any extent of service.

In the year 1776 it was: never more than
three years beyond half a century ago that the extent
of his work entitled A Fragment in Government, prefaced
by a "Critique on Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries
made its first appearance

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